Evangelion (1995)

It’s been bugging me how I haven’t watched this series yet, since I’ve been hearing about it for a long time now. Lately I’ve begun getting back into anime and I’ve been making it a goal to watch the series I’ve been most curious about. Whether through the fan base or other resources, I’ve heard good and bad things about Evangelion, so it will be interesting to see what my final impressions will be. Unfortunately for me, I may already know some spoilers about this anime. One is bound to accidentally come upon knowledge of a series that has been out for a long period of time, but I hope this anime isn’t ruined for me because of that.

As of now I can give some of my impressions about the characters. Rei Ayanami is the most mysterious character given that she speaks very little and has few interactions with the other characters. I hear she is the anime character who has inspired characters with short bluish hair, pale skin, and a quiet personalities (Yuki Nagato comes to mind). It is weird to find out that the Japanese voice actor for Rei also did the voice for Lina Inverse. Then I find out she sang all the Slayers openings and I felt kind of dumb for not knowing that sooner. Asuka Langley is… well at first I thought she would be like the prototype of a tsundere character, but really she just seems mean and full of herself. She certainly talks a lot and never has anything good to say to anybody but her beloved Kaji. Shinji is playing a role of a coming to age kind of character. He is meek and afraid, but has heavy responsibilities laid upon him. He deals both with his encounters against life and death situations and the every day life and not so every day life of a teenager.

It is interesting to see the differences in animation and the shifts in the anime media while watching an older than modern anime. I can’t really think of Gainax taking fan service too far, but I’m far more used to a more excessive dose of fan service packaged with an anime (it’s just become the normal case). During the bath house scene in a more modern anime, I’d expect to see the female characters directly instead of only just hearing them while watching Shinji. I wonder if this is representative of the change in how this kind of material has evolved or rather is just the taste of the creators, keeping things more appropriate. Gurren Lagann also had a bath scene and I think things went further than just hearing some viewer teasing conversation across the way.

I’m finished watching up to episode 16 and so far the series is good, but not yet great. I can think of other series that pulled me in much better than this one.  There is still many things to explained that haven’t been revealed and I would say this definitely makes me want to continue watching. I can’t really judge the story and plot yet. The story will probably be the strong point of this series, but that is just my guess at this point.


2 thoughts on “Evangelion (1995)”

  1. The thing with EVA is that you have to go through the plethora of alternate endings. If you just watch the TV series, you’ll probably be really disappointed. You gotta watch the specials that retcon the original ending.

    Conversely, if you wait a little bit the 3rd EVA movie re-release thingy will be around and you can watch all 3 of those instead. I’ve heard good things about the first 2, but I haven’t seen them yet myself.

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