We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Happy, sad, and sentimental. That’s what I felt while watching Anohana.

This anime is all about the characters. The relationships they have now and the relationships they had when they were kids. These six friends hung out all the time, but now have grown apart. The reason? Tragedy struck them one day when one of the friends had an accident.

The story follows Jinta Yadomi who while living at home is visited by “the beast of the summer.” We learn that Jinta has quit going to school and is dealing with something from his past. While watching the first episode I originally thought that he really might just be delusional, but mostly because he himself thinks so: “My Stress. My Trauma. Yeah, it must be… that I created Menma because I wanted to apologize to her. ” Meiko “Menma” Honma is girl who has recently appeared to Jinta. Only he is able to see and interact with her, yet it does seem like Menma is somewhat able to interact with the world around her as well.

Beast of Summer attacks!!!

During the first episode we meet all of the main cast of characters and find out about a little of their past. However, their once great ties have severed and the friendship that was so warm has grown cold between them.   Menma has appeared apparently to have a wish of hers fulfilled and the story goes along with that. Menma herself doesn’t seem ready to reveal her wish to Jinta, so the story progresses as he tried to figure out just what this wish is. He has an idea why she may have appeared, but he too is not ready to face that truth.

"But I always do a 'Peace' sign when someone takes my photo, so there might not be many other photos."

Since the perspective doesn’t stay fixed to Jinta we’re given more opportunities to see how the other characters relate to each other. By trying to fulfill Menma’s wish Jinta begins to enter back into the world that he has abandoned. Naturally those who knew Menma are caught up in Jinta’s search. These old friends have grown apart, but the love for Menma might just be what’s needed to heal their secret pains and bring them back together again.

Super Peaceful Busters

This was one of the greatest pieces of sentimental work I’ve ever watched and I highly recommend watching it.


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