Once upon a time

Princess Tutu

What I thought would be a childish endeavor turned out to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

Once upon a time… a man died. In his last story was the tale of a kind prince who was to defeat a monster raven. Yet now there would no longer be a conclusion to that story, but strange things have begun to happen within this town of stories and reality. A young girl, Ahiru, attends ballet school with her friends under the tutelage of Neko-sensei (who is in fact a cat, as his name suggests), yet she is wondering about the mysterious boy student, Mytho.  “Looking at those lonely eyes… there must be some sort of reason for them.” Well, Ahiru causes Mythos to twist his ankle in a little accident and plans to apologize to him.

But wait! What’s this? Mytho is trying to catch a falling baby bird! “The prince is falling. The main character is going to die. What will happen to this story? … Will the prince be saved?”

“That’s right! I’ll save the prince.”

“Have you remembered who you are?”

“I am… Princess Tutu!”

What she also remembers is that she is just a duck.

“Who are you? Have you remembered Ahiru-chan? Yes, you are a duck.”

How this duck takes the form of girl I’ll leave to the viewing.

Back to the story of the prince and monster raven… During his battle with the raven, the brave prince, using a forbidden power, took out his own heart to seal the raven away. The pieces of his heart scattered across the town and found their way into the cracks of people’s hearts. Princess Tutu endeavors to return those pieces back to the prince, but where will that lead the story? While gaining a heart could mean bringing back both warmth and tranquility, doesn’t it also mean bring back unhappiness, pain, and loneliness as well?

This series had great character development. One gets their original impression of the various main characters as they meet them in the beginning, but the characters are rapidly changing. As the story develops the characters are forced into new roles and play parts that wouldn’t be expected. I was really surprised about how some characters turned out.

Just what are his intentions?

Although the plot seems simple enough, there’s definitely something going on that you can’t quite put your finger on. Why are stories and reality becoming mixed together? Isn’t it strange for characters from story to have come to life in this town? Just what is going on? I invite you to watch this great anime to find out with the words of Ahiru,

“Will you dance with me?”

And if you don’t…

“You will have to marry me!”

One thought on “Once upon a time”

  1. I love your Princess Tutu review, it certainly is one of the most unique shows I have ever seen and it deserves more attention and love. It really surprised me, I initially went into this expecting a cute fairy tale and I got that but with one hell of a twist.

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