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Lucky Star

My first impressions were… well I didn’t know what to really think. The first episode starts with a six minute discussion between the characters about how they eat their various foods. The discussions and arguments are all somewhat seinfeldian, being “a long, rambling, seemly improvised conversation between characters about something that is beyond pointless, like loose shirt buttons”( I’m drawn to these sorts of discussions somehow. Anyway, the characters are all introduced: Konata Izumi, the otaku, Kagami Hiragi, the tsundere, Tsukasa Hiragi, the soothing character, and Miyuki Takahara, the clumsy yet intelligent class president. There really isn’t a plot since this is a slice of life anime, so the direction follows the various characters.  Since I like shows about nothing, like Seinfeld, I guess I found myself liking this anime. After getting to know the characters a few others are introduced along the way keeping things interesting.

Going to the cake buffet

All of the common slice of life events take place: fireworks festival, open bath, and a school festival. Other, more uncommon events take place as well, like going to a comic convention. While watching I noticed there are many discussions about food, anime, and games, but there are also other random discussions the characters will have (discussions about the dentist, taking the train, holidays, and school related stuff). If you don’t like people talking about nothing, than you probably won’t like Lucky Star.

At the end of each episode is a segment called Lucky Channel hosted by Akira Kogami, whose voice is played by Hiromi Konno, and Minoru Shiraishi, who is played by himself. These segments are comprised of Akira and Minoru reading fan mail, talking about characters from the anime, and going through their own drama. It treats the anime as if it were a live action production. The Lucky Channel segments are some of the funniest things in the anime. It even had its own sub plot develop as the anime progressed. After Lucky Channel, for the ending, there isn’t a conventional ending song. The first twelve episodes have the friends at a Karaoke where they sing various songs, sometimes from an anime. The last twelve episodes have live action performances by Minoru Shiraishi or Hiromi Konno, which were mostly comical.

Throughout the series are plenty of references to anime, especially Full Metal Panic! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. There is even a brief cross over of characters at one point. Konata’s voice actress, Aya Hirano, is actually the same as Haruhi’s which is probably why there is more emphasis on that series. The English cast also have this in common with Wendee Lee playing the voice for both Konata and Haruhi. There are other voice actors and actresses shared between these anime. In one episode Konata cosplays as Haruhi and “immitates” her voice, which was kind of funny. The character Minami Iwasaki shares the same voice as Yuki Nagato and has a similar personality. At various times during the anime the Haruhi series is mentioned or seen in the form of manga, characters, or other things random things.

"The next time you're at the store, pick up a case!"

Full Metal Panic! also has its share of random appearances. FMP happens to be one of the manga that Kagami likes and she even has a Bunta-kun fluff doll in her room. The main character’s voice actor from Full Metal Panic! plays the voice for Meito Anisawa, who runs a manga/book store. For whatever reason, Konata is a prized customer of the manga market and Meito and his crew go through various encounters with her (hilarious stuff!).

Meito Anisawa

Other anime you may notice are Initial D, Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog), Dragonball Z, Shuffle!, and Fate Stay Night. I’ve seen Initial D parodies before, and this anime had the best.

I would definitely say that this anime would be more enjoyable if you have seen both Full Metal Panic! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, because you just won’t get some of the jokes otherwise. Understanding a bit about the manga and gaming world also wouldn’t hurt. This anime probably wouldn’t be for the anime newbie.

Comic convention newbie

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