Prologue: (moving pictures)…panty shot… calm music…….okay
crescendo, dramatic music…BLOOD…ACTION SCENE……….resolution
(something like that)

Arararagi…ahem…sorry I stuttered. Araragi is your average high school student living his life peacefully day to day…okay, okay I lied, Araragi, a half vampire or something, is living one of the most convoluted lives imaginable. Strange beings. Weird problems. There’s a lot going on. Being the nice guy that he is, Araragi casts himself into the trouble of those around him. Can he help it that all these girls are getting into trouble left and right? And not just any trouble, but trouble like vampire trouble, ghost trouble, well trouble with all kinds of things dealing with the occult.

This anime can be divided into mini arcs dealing with various occult problems. Ghosts, curses, cat spirits, demons, and vampires (a plethora of abnormalities). The conflicts involved are interesting and tend to sometimes get quite violent. The fight scenes, though short, are intense and spectacular. Araragi is always struggling in some way, whether by fighting for his life, or by talking to his wits end in conversations about the mundane, about the occult, about… whatever is going on at the time (many conversations spring up between him and the other characters).

Being acquainted with the occult first hand, Araragi has a simplistic sense of duty he follows to help those who are having their own brush with the weird things in life. Characters get introduced along the way, usually as they are helped, and later filter in and out of the picture. Much of Araragi’s reliance lies on the local expert of these strange matters, yet as Araragi continues to encounter these mishaps, he does become more self reliant.

I’ve heard some complaints as to the episodic nature of this anime, but an overarching story isn’t always necessary. This anime is like a compilation of short stories, each focusing on a particular heroine. The various arcs are also noticeably divided even by the openings (there being about five or so different ones).

I’m looking forward to both the movie and new season.


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