As true as toasted toads, I’m reading this again

It’s been a long time since I picked up this series and I find myself quite forgetful of everything that has happened in the nine books I read. So this of course means that I can’t continue reading on until I’ve reread what I’ve forgotten, somewhat of a hassle, but I’ll enjoy it.

For whatever reason, fantasy type stories became one of my main haunts. The fantasy genre is the only category of books that I have a series of. I generally have a broad interests in my reading, but I find something especially appealing in the stories and characters that the fantasy genre brings. Knowing my interests, my friend introduced me to the Sword of Truth series nearly about ten years ago. There books coming out still and I haven’t kept up with the last few. My memory sucks, so now I’ve forgotten some of whats happened. I decided I would reread the series.

After being recommended and lent to me by my friend, I quickly became pulled into this world of catastrophic strife. Never before had my mind touched upon some of the things I’ve seen there. The enemies are of such an evil that I had never met before. The heroism was righteous and devastating. And the story led me through such emotions that would leave one breathless and begging for more. This series of books has proved to be of a different sort than what I was used to.

How to describe the story… well each book has its own central problem which gives its own climax and resolution, but each books leads the overarching story onwards. To give a taste of what to expect, imagine:

There is a power in the world tied to life and death and there are few, if any capable of controlling this power. The one who can wield this power has dominion over all living. If that person wishes it, death is swift and unstoppable. However, the wielder of this power also has the capacity to do great good. They may heal the sick, and let the land flourish. Now imagine that a man of the most evil contempt and devious mind were to control that power. Yes, such a person is on the brink of grasping this power for his own and there is only the slimmest hope of stopping him–the Seeker of Truth.

This is the synopsis of just the first book.


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