Exam x Spiders x Joystation

A boy, with only the faintest trail, searches for his father.

A man who has lost everything searches for those who took it from him.

A family of assassins poised to kill anyone for the right price.

A man who lusts only to fight the strong and win.

Hunter x Hunter is my favorite Shonen Jump anime. It started off slowly with the introduction of characters and the moments leading up to the first arc, but once it reached that point… one word, epic. We have Gon, the central character, who after finding out that his father is still alive, goes searching for him. Leorio and Kurapica are also introduced, but their motives are left unrevealed until later. What brings these characters together is the Hunter Exam, a test to receive the title of Hunter, which promises access to money, information, and power. Gon strives to become a Hunter to find his father who precedes him, but getting to the exam proves difficult in itself (a sort of pre-exam used to weed out the weak). The exam tests the wit, strength, and courage to find those who are worthy enough to receive the prestigious title of Hunter.

I was surprised with the direction this anime took. It was certainly unexpected to see how serious the story became at times. Life and death, epic fights, deadly foes… This anime brought a glimpse of a world full of mystery, intrigue, and peril unimagined.

This anime is one of the greats. The characters, the music, the plot, the fights, the banter. It was so much fun to watch. My hopes are with the new remake series.


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