Ohayocon journal

First Day

Today I find myself in Columbus, Ohio for… wait for it… Ohayocon. I’m not much of a connoisseur of anime conventions, but I consider myself experienced enough to enjoy the nuanced differences between the cons I’ve been to.

I want to say that Ohayocon is less organized than expected. The registration was certainly a ridiculous experience. It could have been handled better. The con has just started, so we’ll see if it improves or not. Don’t dissapoint me Ohayocon!

My first day was spent mostly on registration, gaming, and anime’s craziest deaths. I did see a few familiar faces from AWA in the artist alley, and a few cosplayers I recognized as well.

Second Day

Right now I’m held up in a hotel room waiting on my friends to hurry up with whatever they are doing so that we can head off to the con. I’m planning on an extensive search of the dealer’s room today.

I spent much time in the dealer room and found some Drrr! figures. It’s becoming harder to resist buying various figures, so I decided to myself to focus on characters that I feel would be in my top ten character list (atleast at the time being) . Anyway, I also bought the rest of Code Geass along with Claymore and Last Exile. It’s becoming a ritual to buy at least one anime figure and some anime every time I go to a convention. Unfortunately my spending is over. There’s so much I wish I could buy… sad face.

And then … wait why do I hear a Big Daddy in real life.. omg the most incredible cosplay I’ve ever seen.

The feel of this anime con simply feels a little more chaotic. Less maintenance than I’m used to in a con. The scale of the spacing and room for the population doesn’t quite match up giving it this cramped feeling. People traffic got bad in some places and the bathrooms, well one I went to ran out of everything.

Anime hell was great as usual, I never laugh so much in my life than when I’m watching that random stuff. What happens when Max gets a Batman costume for Christmas? I laugh until my face hurts.

Third Day

So this trip concludes. Perhaps the best part was something unrelated to the con, visiting the Tensuke market in Columbus. I had the best ramen of my life and was able to buy a choco coronet, an pan, and melon pan… I hope to get a chance like that again. I had a quick look in the dealer room before wrapping up Ohayocon, but remained steadfast in my not spending anymore.


One thought on “Ohayocon journal”

  1. Your journal is so concise, yet interesting to read. I’m a little jealous of your trip as you seemed to have such a good time – I’ve never been to an anime convention thus far so I guess I’m jealous of that. Glad you had fun and that cosplay really is amazing (I kind of feel sorry for the guy in the Big Brother suit, it looks stuffy).

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