Update in anime, life, and happenings

Still Watching Prince of Tennis

After I found out that a new Prince of Tennis season was starting I thought, “Why?” I kind of wanted it to end, because the tennis techniques and play was getting over exaggerated and ridiculous. It was still entertaining though. However, since I’ve already begun to walk down this path I couldn’t just stop halfway. No, I have already fallen back into the series and I wonder to myself, “Why do I enjoy it so much?” I can’t figure out why I enjoy this anime as much as I do. As a bonus, watching characters go all out in a game of tennis has re-inspired me to go out with my racquet and get some exercise, though my playing partner is a concrete wall. Yes, I really need to find some new people to play with since all of my friends who I used to play with have left town. It doesn’t help that for a year or so I’ve gotten pretty lazy about getting some proper exercise, so now I’m really trying to get myself back into a regular workout routine.

What I’m Watching Now

In other anime: I’m currently finishing up watching Nichijou, which I’ve got to say is one of the funniest and most random anime I’ve ever seen. I laugh out loud many times during an episode. It’s great. I’ve also been keeping up with Nisemonogatari, which has been… well..much more perverted than its predecessor. As for the new anime of the season I’m just keeping up with Nisemonogari and The New Prince of Tennis. All other new anime are going to have to wait. I still have to watch so many other series that have already finished airing. It’s too much!

Expectations for Anime

Some anime I have my eye on is the new Hunter x Hunter remake, Eureka Seven Ao, the Berserk movies, and Mirai Nikki.

Hunter x Hunter

Having an interest in the new Hunter x Hunter is a given since the first anime is somewhere in my top ten anime choices. Hopefully I’ll get to see beyond the arc where the first anime had left off. I have read part of the Chimaera Ant arc in the manga, but I got frustrated by the constant hiatus status when no new chapters would come out for months. I didn’t enjoy the new arc as much as the previous ones, but maybe animation will give the arc a new perspective and change my opinion of it. Taking a few peeks at the episodes I noticed that about all of the original anime add ins to the story were taken out and the pace was much quicker. I am a little disappointed in the change over of voice actors, but I’ll get over it.

Eureka Seven Ao

Psalm of Planets Eureka Seven is another of my favorites, so I have a bit of anticipation for another installment although I wonder if the new anime will be a sequel or stand alone story.


Berserk! I don’t know when it was, but a long time ago my brother and I happened upon this anime at a Blockbuster and decided to give a shot. Well, despite the okay dubbing, I never expected what I would later experience one of the best anime I had or ever will ever see. Berserk is still a favorite and probably in my top ten as well. No anime before had given me a sense of pure horror, awe, and rage. A tragedy, an epic, Berserk has something I can’t quite define. With music by Hirasawa Susumu, how can you turn this anime down? The anime is an adaptation of a single arc of the manga. The end just drops you off into nowhere with no true resolution. I believe the anime got cancelled or something. Anyway I would still highly recommend watching this anime. Of course now that a series of movies are coming out I’m going to have to watch them. Oh the anticipation!


In Go I had reached a point where I wasn’t satisfied with my play. It felt as though I would get more out of doing go problems and studying some books than playing games that didn’t seem to provide me the opportunity to improve my game in the areas I wanted to. So I’m going to try to focus on that. For a while I lost interest, but I know that with the right spark the passion would be instantly rekindled. I’ve at times wondered what it would be like to have a rival in Go. Since there aren’t any local players to play I have to keep diligently focused on practicing on my own and sometimes that becomes tough. Playing various people over the internet just isn’t the same.


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