About Me

Hello everyone, I am Holysorrows and I will be trying to get back into this blog, which has been neglected for far too long.I have been watching anime since the olden days of Toonami and started with both Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. So I’ve been watching anime for around sixteen years. I haven’t been avidly following anime recently, but when the mood strikes I get myself deep into it. I prefer to watch subtitled anime, but I have enjoyed dubbed anime as well. As for my tastes in anime, I’m very open and see my self as an eclectic. My favorite genre falls somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy, but really enjoy most anything I pay attention to. (unless its really, really bad)

For now this will be a ground to share my ideas and thoughts on both old and new anime. I’m very open to what I watch, so expect a variety of anime to be covered. Initially I wanted to cover more in depth topics of anime I have watched and I still wish to do that. I will still on occasion try to write up reviews on series that I have watched or currently watching.

In the end, if something interests me I will probably try writing about it. I am not reliable when it comes to regularly releasing blogs. Bear with me! I enjoy writing, but I don’t have the confidence as of yet to put my ideas out for everyone to see and read. It is a problem and I’m working on it.

Also please share your thoughts on what could make this blog better. Right now I’m trying to restructure the blog, so any help is greatly appreciated.


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