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How to play Go – Territory and Capturing Techniques

This time I introduce the role territory plays in Go and also continue to go over more capturing techniques.


Letum levels up

With on and off play and study I’ve finally reached single digit kyu status in the IGS (Internet Go Server). Lately I’ve been able to attack my opponents very strongly with good results, but I nearly failed in my last game because of my aggression. I feel like I’m understanding more about attack and defense, but my reading the situation ahead is sometimes lacking. There is still much to learn and utilize, so I will continue to play and study to reach my next goal (reach the rank of 1 dan).

My J17 group is about dead

I’ve kind of abandoned the KGS (Kiseido Go Server), because I usually prefer the default time settings of IGS. There also seems to be an overabundance of blitz games on KGS (games where you only get a small amount of time per move), which I don’t play. I believe I could benefit from such games, but I have yet to try putting myself in that situation. Since there are so many blitz games it makes it harder to find someone willing to play a slower paced game where you have more time to think things through.

Another reason why I’ve been playing on IGS is because I’ve heard that the players are relatively stronger than an equal ranked person on KGS.

Here’s the game which I was afterwards promoted:

Who’s supposed to teach me?


I wish to become a better player of the game Go, but learning by myself has great drawbacks. Where I live there aren’t any Go clubs nor does there seem to be anyone who is interested in the game. Go problems, instructional books, and playing online only take me so far. It’s frustrating not having anyone around to play with outside of the internet.