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Let’s Play Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized (continued)

Join me as I play the conclusion to Life Is Strange. It has indeed been a strange journey. I’m a sensitive guy, so it also became hard sometimes to keep it together. As far as the ending goes, I think it could have ended better.  Throughout the game there were times where I thought that the writing  needed a little help, but overall I enjoyed this game and had a lot of fun playing it. I would definitely recommend playing Life Is Strange and experiencing it for yourself.


Let’s Play Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized

I don’t know what I was doing the other day, but I suddenly realized that the final episode for Life Is Strange must have come out and proceeded to start playing. For now I’ll have to put a pause to my videos playing episode one and work on these instead.

I am prepared for an emotional ride. Come join me.

More to come!

Time Traveler’s Guide – Life is Strange

I’ve gone over time machines and magic that allow time travel to occur, but what I haven’t considered is that there are other cases of time travel as well. There are times when strange things happen in the universe that leave us in the grips of time and in Life Is Strange this is certainly the case.

One day Max Caulfield, while in photography class, has a vision, a most real and terrifying vision of an enormous tornado heading to wipe out the town. She comes to as if she were dreaming, but can’t get the images out of her mind or the sense of reality she felt. From what we see in her journal and her interactions with others, Max is a shy girl who isn’t confident in herself. When asked when she’ll turn in a photo for an upcoming contest, she just tries to avoid it. Wanting to hide away from the world around her, she escapes to the bathroom to be alone. At first she reproves herself, “I have a gift,” but then, “Fuck it,” she tears up the photo she was thinking of turning in. What happens next though will lead her down a road most strange.

While hiding in the back of the bathroom, Max witness two people come into the bathroom who get into a heated confrontation. One pulls a gun and someone ends up getting shot. At this moment Max cries out and reaches out toward them and in a few brief moments finds herself back in class at the moment she had woken from her dream. She discovers that she suddenly has the power to reverse time at will. With her new found powers, Max once again goes to the bathroom, but this time intervenes to save the person who was shot.

Time travel has a way of entering into the lives of people without warning. It is yet another caprice of the universe that seemingly chooses its victims at random. Groundhog Day is another example of this, where a person finds themselves caught reliving the same day while remembering everything that happens. These characters travel through time either by their own will or through something else’s. How they choose to use this power or this opportunity is up to them, but the choices they make may affect more than they could ever imagine.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 18

It’s a little late to be doing so, but I’ll recount my latest Anime Convention experiences. First of all, this convention is one of hte things I look forward to all year. It has become a tradition, and a favorite escape of mine. I love AWA! Each year has been different than the last, and it seems that AWA is changing, but in a good way. I feel as though my approach to each AWA has been different, perhaps because I have changed as well. In the past I was greatly interested in the gaming crowd. Back in the day it was all about the Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen games for the Gamecube. I think I’ve participated in 6 different NGNT tournaments over the years. I went out on good note too, being second place in my last entry.  Now though, I’m mostly spending time at the various panels at conventions rather than hanging around the game rooms. Yet AWA remains AWA, it has that same vibe I felt back in what seems like so long ago at my first AWA con. Whether I’m visiting the panel of a voice actor, playing games at the arcade (Pump It Up mostly), or watching some anime, I’m always having a good time.

One has to be wary however… my vision is foggy.. what is this, static?

Slenderman!?! Ah, I just barely escaped. But what’s this? Now everything looks weird, everything keeps changing as if… as if I’ve walked beyond the barrier of reality. Ah!?!

Run away.. run..run—phew. Well after escaping from various perilous positions, it’s on to greater adventures.

My AWA 18

Normally I’ve missed the Opening Ceremonies due to late arrivals and other reasons, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of it. I was not disappointed in going, for none other than Izaya Orihara gave a video introduction to this year’s AWA. Yes, one of my favorite English voice actors, Johnny Yong Bosch was a guest this year. That video was hilarious stuff. After the introduction there were several introductions of the staff and guests attending this year. There was the Japanese voice actor for Vegeta, Ryo Horikawa, Japanese Singer/Actress You Kikkawa better known as Kikka by her fans, fashion designer h. Naoto, Japanese voice actress Suzuko Mimori, voice actor Vic Mignogna, voice actress Trina Nishimura, voice actress Amy Howard Wilson, the bands Heidi and Eyeshine, and more.

Searching the dealer room for that special item that speaks to me is a regular endeavor. It has become customary for me to at least find one worthy figure to add to my collection from a con. This year I was looking for Homura Akemi.

I also search for some anime DVD/Blu-ray to add to my collection. Beyond the dealer room there are plenty of ways I spent my time. This year most of my time was spent in the Grand Ballroom, where all of the main events take place. I attended a total of three panels with Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine in a kind of musical Q&A, where audience members asks questions and Johnny would sing them an answer. Some random stories told in between here and there. I never thought I would be meeting this former Power Ranger at this point in my life, but the world’s funny that way. After their second panel I was able to have Johnny spare a moment for a personal video. Thanks so much!

Besides the Johnny panels, the Video Art Track awards also werei n the Grand Ball Room. It has become another tradition of mine to watch the AMV awards at the cons I attend. Besides being highly entertaining, AMVs have helped inspire new anime interests. Watching AMVs on a big screen surrounded by fellow anime fans…there’s nothing like it.

I also attended the Eyeshine concert–one of my favorite events this year.  Afterwards I was able to get some Eyeshine CDs signed by the band along with getting a Trigun wallscroll I’ve had for years signed by Johnny.

For all the things I was able to see and do, I still feel that there was so much I missed. Missed concerts, panels, and whatever else. It’s a difficult task trying to see everything you want. After all is said and done, I had a great time. I can’t wait for AWA 19.

Other Comments:

That Slenderman was creepy. I was on my way to the arcade and he was creeping in corner. I also heard he stalked people slenderman style.

I miss those Naruto tournaments…