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Anime Quiz Question

I’ve currently been re-obsessing over a certain anime and I’m curious over the answer to this question:

How many anime include a time traveler?

Think of as many as you can.

Include the name of the anime and the time traveling character.

(Without any searching, I can think of six different anime. I’m wondering how many more there could be.)


Anime Title Reversing Game – inspired by Cytrus

I recently saw this post on Yaranakya and thought I would try to make a list of reversed titles myself.

What do you think the original anime titles are?

1. Make me live honey

2. An Uncertain Scientific Collection

3. The Last Step

4. Lighter than White

5. Devil Pulses!

6. Empty Nonmetal Confidence!

7. Sound of the Earth

8. No Metal Scientist

9. Retreat! Octopus Boy

10. I Have Too Many Friends