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A New Blog

Be sure to check out my new blog, The Nymph of the Wood, where I will be trying to write some interesting stories. I’m not much of a writer, so don’t expect too much.


Night Blossom

Ten millenia above the sky,
An accident of nature.
They were born in the ocean, aware.
But a craving for knowledge, to communicate.
Life was absorbed, merged and became one.
This–a means of communication.

At first…small, then larger than any being.
A threat, a fear.
They tried in their own way, but
The harder it tries the more it is feared
and then…
abandoned, loneliness.

All became one.
There was no one left.
Alone in the void.

The hope of a new dialogue, yet
They didn’t know how.

The birth of a new being.

~paraphrase from Eureka Seven

Nymph of the Wood

Consuming more days of an endless life
I turned my regard to the skyline blue,
which I presumed I beheld a glimpse
of dreams passing effortlessly by.

Dreams which I held to that were rife
with the love of things I thought once true,
but dark is my mind caught in this eclipse
of troubled thoughts which find vent in a sigh.

Why not! Why can’t I! What horrid strife–
to find myself kept in chains bound to
this place, a verdant evergreen copse
destroyed by the famine caused by their lie.

A symphony of hatred would take a knife
through their heart, coloring in deathly hue
the dust and the earth. (an apocalypse).
Yet my strength is torn and the latent cry

echoes in the silence: “I am trapped here.”